Thursday, October 1, 2009

Power Out

Weird. I just tried to go to the grocery store, but the power was out. There were people in the parking lot telling us to go home because we couldn't shop.

It wouldn't be so odd if I hadn't tried to get gas on Monday. I drove out of town about 15 minutes to go to my cousin's football game. I knew I was really low on gas, but I was running behind and there had to be a gas station in the 1-mile by 1-mile town.

Sure, there was a gas station, but not of the likes that I had ever used. I pulled up to the odd-looking pump. Uh oh. There was nowhere to use my credit card on the pump. So, I walked up to the door of the store. There was nobody there and it was locked up - it's only 4:57pm.

So I walk back to the pump and notice that there are no digital instructions scrolling on the pump. Instead, there are numbers that flip around a dial as you pump the gas. Welcome to Mayberry.

A man pulled up to the other side of the pump. I asked how you pay for the gas, since nobody is around. I've no doubt that he thought this was my first experience at pumping gas and he showed me another little box, not connected to the pump, that you are supposed to use to pay with a credit card.

On the box was a sign that read: Power is out so the gas pumps will not work.

And that is why the power outage at the grocery store is so odd. How in the world would we function if we did not have electricity?


joan said...

Mayberry USA. Only you Heather, so did you run out of gas? Did your cell phone work?

The Feather Files said...

Good questions. I made it back to civilization and to the nearest gas station. Hubs was aware of the possible problem and was ready to bring me gas if needed.