Sunday, November 1, 2009

The start of my 26th year

Beautiful flowers.

A chance to sleep while Ransom went for his morning walk.

Breakfast out.

A trip to Wichita.

Two new pans.

Cold weather gear.

A Husker win.

And a beautiful day.

Not much more you can ask for on the last day of October - and your 26th birthday.

Hubs planned it all; which made my birthday (the first birthday without a test the next day) a great day.


Shanle's said...

Happy 26th Birthday, Heather. Glad you had the perfect day with your hubs. =)


Audrey said...

sounds like a great one!! did you end up getting that warm puffy gear?

Richard said...

I still say you'd pass for an Arab native with the new cold-weather gear.

jnet said...

thanking God for another year he has given you!