Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love Him.

After having a headache for one two three days, I was hit with a full-fledged migraine this afternoon. It came from out of nowhere while I was laying on the floor watching tv. The world was spinning, I was radiating heat, I felt like my stomach was a bowl of jello, and my head ached like crazy.

Hubs picked me up, carried me to the bed, got me a glass of water and 2 miracle pills, and covered me up with my favorite blanket.

That's not the end of the story, though.

Hours later, I woke up to find the house smelling wonderful, and the disaster of a kitchen transformed into a beautifully clean kitchen. One where you don't even want to cook in it because it is so beautiful. The floor was clean, the sinks were clean, the stove was clean! My major project for the day was completed, probably even better than I would have done.

Sorry ladies, he's mine!


Steph said...

aw... that is so sweet!! hope you're feeling better!

Richard said...

I think you should get a counter for your blog so you know how many people like you.

joan said...

You have a keeper Heather!

Audrey said...

aw good job Richard! I want to know about these miracle pills...;)