Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ewww. Gross, and ewww again.

Last Saturday Hubs and I planned a date-night. We hadn't had one since our anniversary in July. That morning our vacuum officially died (it had been on its way for quite a while); so our date-night turned into finding-a-vacuum-night.

This was our first vacuum purchase. We were very happy to have an old vacuum from family right when we got married, so this was going to be a new experience. After having lots of fun at Sears by throwing dirt on the floor and vacuuming it up, we headed home with our new purchase to vacuum up our own dirt. What we saw afterwards was amazing.

This looks like much more than a week's worth of dirt and dog hair, but I had been vacuuming a couple of times each week. I think we should have gotten a new vacuum before letting our old one die.

To some of you, this is yet another reason to not have a dog. It's a good one.

But, even though this is super gross and disgusting and I hate thinking about all this in our carpets, it is really satisfying to empty the vacuum canister and throw it all away.


joan said...

To me it still is a good trade to have a dog! : ) Looks like the new vac is working well.

Audrey said...

what vacuum did you get???

The Feather Files said...

a bissel. just a plain, jane vacuum - middle of the price range. the salesman actually told us that some of those "pet hair remover" vacuums are more marketing than anything else.