Monday, October 26, 2009

5 months in and so different

Five months ago, we were here:

At that point, I wondered how I would like being out the Neb. I thought I would miss it a lot, having been there for 5 of the most transitional years of my life; and, although I do miss many things about Neb, I realize life is so different now.

Let me explain:

1. In Neb, Hubs went to school each day and I went to work each day, all day. In Kans, we both go to work, and we meet each afternoon to have lunch together.

2. In Neb, we came home, ate, then Hubs studied and I either had plans or amused myself. In Kans, we come home, we eat together and hang out together, or have have plans and go somewhere together. I didn't realize there was so much togetherness in marriage until now.

3. In Neb, I worked full-time and managed to keep up a clean, tidy, the apartment. In Kans, I work part-time and wonder how I ever kept a home clean while working full-time since I struggle so much now (oh wait, the reason is in #6).

4. In Neb, we had a great small group that met every Monday night. In Kans, we have a great small group that meet every Thursday night.

5. In Neb, we loved not having Sunday night church. In Kans, we love Sunday night church.

6. In Neb, I dreamed of a dog. In Kans, I have a dog.

7. In Neb, we had a TV with 3 channels. In Kans, we have a TV with no channels.

8. In Neb, we could only have plans on the weekend. In Kans, we can have plans on any day of the week - no studying!

9. In Neb, Hubs was in school the entire time we knew each other. In Kans, Hubs is not in school. (In case you are wondering, that is a biggest difference in our life.)

10. In Neb, we loved life: being students, being young, being in that stage. In Kans, we love life: learning new things on our own, being together, learning more about each other every day.

So, I can't really say whether I liked Neb-life or Kans-life. They were 2 different stages; 2 different lives. What I can say is that I love them both.


joan said...

Ah but the word "together" says it ALL!

Sam and Abby McNair said...

miss you tons feather and loved this post... so happy for you and richard and all that together time!

jnet said...

way to live in the moment! enjoy heather...