Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I was at the local Target today. I walked by a case filled with the latest Michael Buble cd. I picked one up because it was only $9.98 and I have wanted to have this cd.

I take it to the register and as it is scanned, an awful beeping noise occurs. It seems that the cd is not released until October 9th and therefore I could not buy it yet.

Why, I asked, is it out on the shelves, catching people's eyes as they pass by when it is only October 6th?

Of course the man had no clue, nor was it his fault. He checked with a supervisor, just to make sure. Nope...not allowed to be sold yet.

If the cd's were on display but covered with plastic wrap, I could understand it. If there was a giant sign next to the display disclosing the release date, I could maybe understand it. However, there was absolutely no signage on or around the display of hundreds of cds.

Not only was this disappointing to me; but don't you think it would be annoying to the store employees who will probably have customers over the next 3 days bringing a cd to the register that they can't actually purchase and will end up having to re-stock?

And, consider the nature of Target. It isn't a store I go to when I need a cd. It is a store that thrives on catching my eye as I walk by the end-of-the-aisle displays. There will be plenty of people interested in buying this cd for the next few days; however, I don't think the will come back on October 9th with the sole purpose of buying the cd.

I just have to think that it would be simpler to set the display up the night before the cd is released.

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joan said...

I saw this advertised for release and was thinking that I should remember to pick one up! I guess Target is hoping that enough people will come back to get the cd or perhaps someone put them out and they were not supposed to! Frustrating . . . .