Monday, October 12, 2009

I Annoy Myself

Do you ever annoy yourself?

One thing that I do repeatedly that is super annoying to me is lose my keys while I am shopping. I have left them on shelves, under clothes, in the bathroom, etc. Usually, I pay for my items and look for my keys. When they aren't in my hands within 5 seconds, I immediately panic.

Why? Because I know myself. I know that they could be anywhere that I have been in the past 20 minutes. I also know that they could be at the bottom of my unorganized purse. Or they could even still be in the car.

Today, at the first store I distinctly put my keys in my right coat pocket. Perfect place. At the second store, I panicked at the cash register. I dug frantically through my purse - no keys. I checked my right coat pocket - no keys. I checked the register counter - no keys. I started going through my head where I would need to retrace, growing hotter and more annoyed by the second.

Then, I checked my left coat pocket - found the keys.

So, what do you do that annoys you?

1 comment:

joan said...

I leave my reading glasses laying in all sorts of "odd" places and then I need to go on the hunt! : )