Sunday, October 11, 2009

The skinny jeans story, and other items

Since Hubs and I started an intense workout regime 9 weeks ago, I have noticed some changes in how my clothes fit. For that reason, and because it is my birthday month, and because I haven't shopped since April, and because it is time to wear fall clothes, and because my Hubs is awesome, I went on a shopping excursion this weekend.

First, I found a shopping buddy - something I never really had in Lincoln. She could be a professional shopper and now would be my second favorite person to shop with (Ruth, you know you will always be first).

Two years ago, I tried on a pair of skinny jeans and showed Richard. We both were unanimous that they were hideous. Ever since, I have stayed away, content to watch those people who don't store their body fat in their hips and thighs wear these jeans. Personally, I really didn't think they were that cute anyway.

But in two years, when the style doesn't disappear, they grow on you. So, I tried on another pair and my shopping buddy confirmed that they look good on me. I got a great deal on them (40% off) and I brought them home.

Now I am debating whether I should keep them or not. I don't have boots to go with them; so I would be wearing them with flats. But, they truly are a comfortable pair of jeans that fits.

I also bought a denim pencil skirt. Five months ago, I would not be caught dead in a pencil skirt - the thigh/hip dilema again. Although I am short, I have these prominent hips, you see and felt more comfortable in a-line skirts. This denim skirt, however, could possibly be my favorite article of clothing.

Even some of the tops that I bought are stretching my usual boundaries, but I am excited. After 10 years of shopping for clothes, I am finally finding what fits my body and I think stores are finally starting to make clothes with the short, no-torso people in mind.

PS - I didn't buy any shoes!


joan said...

I would buy the shoes! : )

jnet said...

lol! your p.s. made this post!!! i miss you heather!