Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flying By.

A few days ago, I mentioned that the trees here go from green to brown. It is in October that I really long for New York. Kansans just don't know what trees look like. (Well, obviously they do, but not in the quantity or size that I am talking about.) The best way to describe it is this: when you drive around here and you get to the edge of town, you see a field with a few trees. When you drive around in New York and you get to the edge of town, you trees - no empty space at all.

ANYWAYS, the next day Hubs told me that our tree was turning red. Sure enough; I have a tree with red leaves in my very own yard!! What a great little gift God has given me! What is even more exciting is that we can rake them up when they fall.

This fall, time is flying by. We are 7 days into October and I am very excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Unlike other years, however, I am not so excited for the upcoming holidays that I am missing out on the rest of the days. This fall, I am waking up and enjoying today, October 7th.

I am enjoying the brisk morning and the smells of fall. I am relaxing with a cup of hot whatever. We are spending times with friends and making lots of memories. Whether it is because Hubs is out of school or we are on our own, we are just enjoying the season, without regrets or wishes.

Wow, I just deleted a whole bunch of rambling mumbo jumbo. Be happy that I did and enjoy the day that the Lord has made.


joan said...

As I was clicked on the home page of our paper the headline read "LINCOLN HAS GOOD CHANCE FOR SNOW THIS WEEKEND" No no no, I am not ready. Hope you enjoy your red leaves. . .

Audrey said...

hey I used to be a season rusher too and a couple years ago I decided to embrace the season I was in, to whatever extent you take it, and enjoy it instead of always wishing for the next thing, by the time the wished for thing came I was sick of it!! last year I actually waited till december to put up the tree and it was quite enjoyable and I only was sick of christmas for one reason, the crappy busy walmarts etc and pressure to go to fifty millon family two reasons and I made up for your deleted ramblings :)

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

dang girl. you should see all the trees up here right now!!! AWESOME!

Maybe you're enjoying the day so much because it's our anniversary. =) 3 years!! woop woop!