Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting in shape

Ten weeks ago, Hubs and I started a journey. A journey to get back into shape.

We thought about joining the YMCA. Hubs could swim laps. We could use the cardio machines, the weight room, and even participate in the classes. We could continue running when the weather was nice, but there are no hills and hardly any sidewalks here. Neither of us were motivated to run. We really needed something planned; something or someone who told us what to do each day so that we could really get back into shape. We didn't just want to workout when we felt like it or, for me, when the stomach flab started showing over my jeans. We wanted consistency and results.

So, we bought P90X. There are 12 workout DVDs; it lasts for 13 weeks. It combines weight training with some cardio and some yoga. We work out 6 days a week; 60-90 minutes a day. It comes with a nutrition plan which we stuck to for the first 8 weeks; since then, we have used it as a guide, but have also used our own judgement.

The pros: The workouts are outlined for us each day - no thinking about what you should do. The workouts push you to do more, give you modifications when you need them, and explain each move. We workout at home so I don't have to motivate myself to leave home when it is yucky outside.

The cons: It is a huge time commitment. An hour and a half of yoga really stinks.

So, 10 weeks into the program and I feel like I am fit - like I am in shape. I don't know that I have ever felt like this, even when I was running regularly. I have seen results in how I workout; but also in my body. For instance, I went from hanging on the pull-up bar to pulling myself up to 2 inches from the bar. Also, muscles in my back are appearing that I never had before.

As we end the program, I now have to face the decision of what to do next. Join the Y? Do P90X again? I'm not sure yet; but I do know that I am really enjoying the feel of being in shape!


millhouse said...

I love that P90X informercial.

jnet said...

did you take before and after pics you'd like to share?

The Feather Files said...

I did take before pics, but I don't know that I will be sharing them for all to see. Maybe I'll email them to you after I see the after pics.