Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Seven Years Ago Today

My grandma left a message on my phone. She has a one-year Bible that she reads through each year. She writes in certain events on the date in which they happened. Her message on my phone said that 7 years ago today we were in Italy on a missions trip. On this particular day, we were sanding a railing on the house that was about waist level high. Not 10 minutes into the day, grandma's pant leg got eaten up by the only electric sander and broke the machine. How her pant leg came in contact with the sander, we will never know.

Oh, how I wish I had those pictures with me today to post. It was so funny. And, what does her granddaughter rush off to do? Not help her. Not call for help. No, I ran to grab my camera to capture the moment. Thanks for reminding me of that trip!

Do you know what you were doing 7 years ago today?


Laura said...

if i can subtract that would have been 2001. so i was finishing up a summer of working at Timberlake and preparing to go to JHBC in WY. really!? has it really been 7 years since i graduated and all that?!

Richard and Heather said...

That is exactly what I thought. I can't believe 7 years has past. I was in between my jr and sr year in high school!

Abby McNair said...

I was living in an apartment in Lincoln with Katie Cook, and Robyn??? dating Sam and working at NWU. I think this was the week that I went to an awesome FCA camp in Colorado Springs at the YMCA of the Rockies.
How Fun. I had a fish that summer that I accidentally dropped in the garbage disposal while cleaning it's bowl. Fun fun Heather
You are so fun!