Friday, August 15, 2008

4th Year Anniversary

Last night, my friend Laura, won a radio contest. We have been trying to call in for a few days to win tickets to Miranda Lambert, who will be at the State Fair next Friday, and have not been the right caller...until last night. Laura won us VIP passes to the concert, which includes: dinner from Rib Ranch, tickets into the fair, great reserved seating at the concert, and a super pass that allows us to ride all of the rides for free! I was excited for the concert before, but now I am pumped! Thanks Laura!

Has anyone else been glued to the television to watch the Olympics? I am hooked. Last night I stayed up to watch the girls all-around in gymnastics, which didn't start until 10:30pm! I got a little worried about the obsession, but hey, this only comes around every 4 years, right? I am just amazed at these athletes and I think that just being at the Olympics would be a never-forget experience. Do you have a favorite sport to watch?

I do have to brag that I have met, and had a conversation with, one of the Olympic Athletes. At Martha's wedding, we sat at the same table as Priscilla Lopes, who at that time was engaged to a freshman UNL dental school student. They have since gotten married and she is competing in the 100m hurdles for Canada. She is super nice and attended UNL for undergraduate. So, even though she is not on Team USA, I'll be cheering her on, too.

Four years ago today, I moved to Nebraska. I didn't know anyone or anything about Lincoln. I spent my days driving around town, looking for a job, and watching the Olympics! I won't lie. I did not plan to still be living here, but God did and I have become attached to this city (not necessarily the state). I am once again reminded that God's plans are always better than Heather's plans.


Anonymous said...

Have fun going to see Miranda Lambert. Yes, I too am hooked on the Olympics! It just amazes me what they can do. Yes, they eat, sleep and practice but still! I thank God everyday that HIS plan was for you to be here. : )

Love- Joan

Melissa Marsh said...

Congrats on the tickets! That should be fun.

I never planned to end up in Lincoln, either - it was supposed to be England or Ireland, but God had other plans. :-)

Abby McNair said...

How fun! I've always thought aout calling in, but haven't done it. Will do next time:)

Enjoy your time with Laura. Is Miranda in concert with anyone else?
love you