Monday, August 25, 2008

Last first day of dental school

Today is the last, first day of Dental School. You will get sick of these "lasts" at some point. And, they don't ease you back into the routine in dental school, let me tell ya. A full morning of classes, a full afternoon of clinic, and a full evening of basic life support training.


Laura and I went to the Miranda Lambert concert on Friday night, and we got the special treatment!

Yup, we went to the VIP reception and ate BBQ from Rib Ranch. It was quite good. Then, we went out to the auditorium to wait for the concert to start. It got pretty warm while we waited, but we were standing about 3 feet from the stage. Primo seats!

The stage, pre-concert.

I only knew a few of her songs, but the concert was great! We had some big fans standing around us. The place was packed. This is the first time I have ever left a concert with my ears literally ringing for about 15 minutes!

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