Friday, August 8, 2008

One of those days

It is one of those days. One in which I really wish we owned a luvable, cuddly, lick-you-in-the-face dog. How wonderful would it be to receive a cute little puppy with a big bow around her neck and know she was for me!

Isn't she adorable?

I don't know when my love of dogs started. My mom said I was never afraid of them as a child...she almost wished I would have had a little fear. My baby-sitter's family had 3 giant dobermans that I played with all the time. At the age of 5, I dog-sat for a big dog named "Bear." And, in North Carolina I remember playing catch with 2 of the neighborhood dogs all the time.

Our first dog's name was Annie - a labrador mix. She was a beautiful black dog, but she had a tendency to chase the cows. I remember how devastated I was when Dad took her to the humane society promising me that a good owner would come find her. The next dog was KC. She was a black cocker spaniel with super curly, thick hair. She was with me for 8 years and maybe became a little possesive of me. I cried for a week when she was put down. We bought a buff cocker spaniel, Holly, for my parents a few years back. I love visiting her and it reminds me of how much having a dog adds to a home.

For a while, I was too busy to have a canine companion and give it the love and time it would need. Now, my life is free, but the apartment complex 1) is not the place for a dog and 2) does not allow pets. I see people walking their dogs, running with their dogs, playing catch with their dogs. I see dogs hanging out the car windows - tongues out, ears flapping. I see pictures of dogs. It all keeps piling up, making me long for a dog even more.

How can you deny that face?

To all you pessimists out there, I know that I will have to vacuum once a day, wake up in the middle of the night to yelping, train the dog, clean up poop, pay for the vet bills...I get all that. But, it doesn't stop me from wanting one.

This may be too many!

I guess until May, I will just dream of having a puppy and search for a new place with a yard and that allows pets!

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