Monday, August 4, 2008

New Shoes & More

It has crossed my mind that most of my blogging friends write about much more substantial, worthwhile things in life (ie - their children, their house building progress) besides their new shoes. Oh well.

Richard heard on the radio that a local mall was giving out a $15 gas card if you spent a certain amount of money at any of their stores this weekend. Richard and I both were overdue on new running shoes and Richard also needed some stuff for his bike, so we decided this would be a great time to take a little shopping trip. Once we got to the shoe store, our decision was confirmed because Scheel's was having a sale on shoes - $15 off any pair!

I must insert a little aside here - I have only had one pair of running shoes so far (Asic's Kayanos) and they lasted me 3 years. Therefore, the shoe shopping experience for Richard versus me is quite different. I have no idea what I am looking for in a running shoe - comfort? support? So, I would pick a shoe that I liked, show it to my hubby, and he would give the yea or nay.

So, I pick out 3 pairs of shoes and ask a saleslady to bring me a size 6. She returns with nothing. So I pick out 3 more pairs of shoes and she returns with the kayanos (same shoes I have been running in). I try them on and they are great shoes really. So comfy and I already know that they are good shoes for me since I have enjoyed the pair I have already. The down-side is that the Kayanos are pricey. I ask for 2 more pairs of shoes, just to compare, and she returns with none. Richard finally asks, "Do you have ANY in a size 6?" She encourages me to keep picking out some and she will keep checking. So, I grab 5 pairs of shoes - not caring about the style, fit, or brand anymore - just hoping that there will be some in the back room! While she is gone, I start picking out some more, knowing she will come back with nothing, but to my surprise, she comes back with 4 pairs. I try them on and narrow it down to 3 pairs - Asics Kayano, Asics Nimbus, and Brooks Defyance (like you care, right?).

Here they are - my new pair of running shoes. The Brooks Defyance. The Asics were great, but more bulky than the Brooks. Plus, the Brooks were less pricey which is a plus for sure.

I have been told that you should put 400 miles on your running shoes before buying a new pair. Hence the reason I had my last pair for 3 years! I've starting a spreadsheet and I am going to record how long it takes me to get to 400 miles...any guesses? I haven't updated you on my running progress, but I have continued to run since the Havelock race is over. I will admit that vacation and the extreme heat has put a damper on the progress, but I am not going to let myself quit. Honestly, I have come to enjoy the activity.


Richard and I took a bike ride on Saturday morning. That is a great way start the day. It wasn't unbearably hot and I just love the morning-time. We also went to the pool and played Bingo with our flock. Richard and I didn't win, but it was fun.

My grandparents were in town and we had coffee with them. They gave us great encouragement from the Word in making decisions for our future. Verses that I am sure God wanted us to remember as we seek His will for our life.


At my Bible study on Saturday morning we continued discussing Elohim, which is the word used for God during the creation account, and other places throughout the Bible. I don't think it was coincidence that I was studying this name while we were in Hawaii. God revealed Himself to me in how great and awesome He is through His creative creation. Look up these verses and you will see what I mean:

Isaiah 40: 12, 15, 22, 26-31

Yet a God this big - who weighs the mountains, pulls the heavens back like curtains, and lifts up the islands - He desires a personal relationship with you and me.

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