Friday, August 22, 2008


That's how I feel today.

My grandma used to say she felt naked without a watch or earrings. I never really understood that until I got married. If I forget my wedding ring, I do feel naked.

But I am wearing my wedding ring today, and my watch. Yet I still feel naked. Naked because I am left an important communication device at cell phone.

Have you ever gone somewhere without it? I feel incomplete without my cell phone on me at all times. What if I want to call or text someone? Sure, I can use my work phone IF I could remember the many phone numbers stored into that small black device, because why would I write phone numbers down anymore if I can just put them in my phone? And what about after work? We have the Miranda Lambert concert tonight and I won't be going home until it is over. To think that I will not have my constant stream of communication with me is an odd feeling.

It is on these days that I realize how dependant I am on that phone. Since we don't have a home phone, that is my one communication device to my friends and family. Without it, I feel lost and naked. And, contrary to what you are thinking, I do remember the days before cell phones. We didn't know any difference we do.

So now I sit and comtemplate whether it is worth the gas and time to drive across town to pick up my much-needed phone. Will I need it today? Probably not. But will I feel complete again? Most definitely!

So, if you need me today, you will have to call me at work. If you don't know my work phone, you will have to email me.

I will be disconnected from the rest of my world until my phone and I are re-united.


Laura said...

i feel your pain heather. now that we are in a house, i leave my phone all over the place. and i hate having to run upstairs and through the house to answer my phone when it rings. how long before i have it permanently attached to me?! :)

Anonymous said...

Heather - Yes, it is an odd feeling because you will be thinking, is someone trying to get a hold of me?

Hope you have a GREAT time at the concert tonight.

Love- Joan : )

Abby McNair said...

hahahahahahah...hehehehehe.... love the post - a great way to get your readers attention:)