Monday, August 25, 2008


Two posts right in a row is not a norm, but I must give a plug for a new CD that comes out tomorrow by one of my favorite artists - David Phelps. I have added a little music player to the sidebar that features 3 of David's songs. This new cd looks really cool...I previewed it a few weeks back.

David has one of the best tenor voices I have ever heard. In concert, he is absolutely amazing. His music is a little different, and like most artists, there are a few songs that warrant the reaction of "huh?" Overall, he is my favorite artist, just after Dad. One of our favorites is "End of the Beginning," so select that song on the player, sit back, and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Impressive! I had my volume up so was a little startled before reading the blog to see it was your music added! : )

Love- Joan

Audrey said...

look at us all, changing up our blog headers... i can't figure out the html crud either... if I just copy and paste, why won't that work?? oh well :)