Monday, August 11, 2008

The County Fair

The County Fair is about 2 miles from our apartment; admittance is free; parking is free; we had free tickets for supper Friday night. So, we went and had free fun!

They never had any problems getting their horns through those bars.

These geese were honking at each other the whole time we stood there. I narrated their conversation, of course.

Most of the animals were very friendly, until they found out we didn't have any food.

I'm taking this one next time I get my hair cut. I want this style!

Richard and the camel having an intense conversation. The camel would not show Richard his teeth, no matter how much we asked!

These piglets had little bitty tails going back and forth about 100 mph.

My favorite! He just kept coming closer and closer to the shiny silver camera.

If I had children I would have taken them to this fair for sure. There were lots of families with children just walking in the barns looking at animals - a kid's dream! Richard and I had a blast, so I just know kids would enjoy it too.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!! Glad you two had a date night.

Love- Joan

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a riot! Very nice! I'm new at checkin' in on blogs, so am a little hesitant to leave comments :)

Audrey said...

Don't you just love free/cheap things like that to do?? Mitch and I really enjoy doing stuff like that, making memories.. :)Happy 2 year anniversary! I forgot, I guess it's a 2 years and month now...

Abby McNair said...

we totally should have gone over to the fair. the girls love aminals:)