Friday, January 8, 2010


We are going to a wedding this weekend. I haven't been to a wedding in a while, but don't they always make you think about your own wedding?

I think about the things that went wrong not as planned. (That reminds me that I still have more stories to tell.) The things I would have done differently and the things I really liked. Mainly, I think about how much I never want to plan another one again.

This past week, I decided to call my photographer and see if I could buy a disc of my pictures. I received all the proofs in printed form, plus I got a beautiful book of our wedding; but I thought it might be nice to have the pictures on our computer as well. Photographers should keep photos for 3.5 years, right? I wouldn't know. They went out of business.

So, at least my Pop-pop took a few photos of that day that I can still share:

The decorating of the church was quite an ordeal. I have no talent when it comes to coming up with a vision and making it happen. I think after a morning of endless questions such as, "We could do this or this..." and "What do you think?" my family realized that I was lost. Thankfully, my aunt came a few days early and make everything look wonderful.

I really dislike cake. But, I was starved at this point and gulped the entire piece down - frosting and all.

I don't remember there being a toast, but we did the whole cross your arms and drink thing. I forgot to buy some sparkling stuff, so someone filled it with punch and it worked.

This picture always cracks me up. Why nobody took the water bottle away from me, I will never know. I look so happy here, but the minute I got into the limo I bawled the entire way to the hotel. Why? Read this post.

The thought that comes into my head most when I look at these pictures is, "I wish I was still that tan!"


joan said...

Great pics! I like Richard with hair!

The Feather Files said...

I have to admit...I like his hair better now than at our wedding.