Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Squirrel Funeral

Although it is not often that the murderer goes to the victim's funeral, I do need to say a few words.

I did not know you very long, but I am sure that you were a daring squirrel. You saw me coming, yet you darted out into the street anyway. You raced across and as I saw you run, I knew there would be nothing I could do. I tapped the brakes, but it was too late. I cringed as I heard the thud....nevermind.

Please forgive me, squirrel loved ones. It was a complete accident. However, I do think that Mr. Squirrel is much happier that he doesn't have to live in these cold temperatures anymore.


joan said...

Oh My! I do know how you feel. I was on the highway with a group of ladies going to a basketball game and here comes a bunny with the same result as Mr. Squirrel. I did feel very BAD!

Leah said...

I hit a squirrel on the way to work (first national) back when I worked with good people and I LIKED it. I was almost in tears and Joni asked me what was wrong. She laughed at me the whole day because she thought it was wierd I would be crying over a squirrel. :)
I love the picture of you two on your header. You hair is so pretty! Hows Kansas treating you?? Well, I miss my little friend. Call me next time you are in town!