Friday, January 22, 2010


Ya'll crack me up. On the posts where I think I will get tons of comments (by tons, I mean like 3), I get one or none. On the dumb posts that I put no effort into, I get comments.

While we are on the topic of comments, is anyone out there? I don't hear you because comments have been scarce. You must have forgotten how much I love to read your comments; how giddy I get when I see that I have some. Consider this a reminder.

Technically, I do know that you are still reading. For my sanity, I had to install that wonderful little site meter at the bottom of my page. It makes me feel loved, especially by that person in Switzerland who stumbled on my page a stayed for a whole minute and 15 seconds!

Feeling loved brings me to the point of the post - nicknames.

I love nicknames or shortened names. I love them because it usually means that the person calling you by your nickname knows you well enough to do so. It means that they are comfortable shortening your name and I think it is an act of endearment. And it isn't even that they use the name all the time; but when they do, its a reminder of that relationship.

For example, I can think of only a handful of people that shorten my name to Feath. My mom. My bf/aunt Ruth. My boss/uncle. And my other aunt. There might be a few more, but those come to mind immediately.   These people are super close to me and I love that they shorten my name at random times.

I rarely hear Hubs call me Feather. He has other names he uses - all endearing - and that I respond to. I love that he is comfortable enough to not use my formal name all the time. In turn, I rarely use Hubs's full name.

When I think about my closest friends now or in the past, I have always shortened their name at times.

So, whenever I think of children's name that we might use in the future, I always think about what I would shorten them to. I want them to feel loved in the same way I do when someone uses my nickname(s). I want them to feel comfortable and relaxed the way I do when someone says, "Feath."

So, what is your take on shortened names/nicknames?


Audrey said...

i'm the same way, oo a post that gets a lot of comments is 3!!! And somehow from my counter's evidence, I feel that I have invisible followers judging by the fact they come from the blogger homepage or whatever...

Anonymous said...

I have a good day when there is one. haha. Re: invisible readers, I have the opposite deal... Some people who keep asking me what I have been up to haven't been reading it! Mrs Y.

Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

I love having invisible counters on my blogs. it's like POWER! :)

I often think of naming my kids FOR the shortened versions. I love the name Bella, as well as Isabella, so maybe I'll go with that, and then she can have a nickname and a full name.

My folks named me Nicole but never, ever call(ed) me that. I don't really know why they didn't just call me Nikki in the first place. Justin and I never call each other by our first names, to the extent that when we do (with other people, so they don't gag at our little pet names) it sounds very strange.

Sam and Abby McNair said...

Feather... you make me smile... almost every post I have read makes me smile... I think I need to make a visit to Kansas:)

Ali still talks about Feather pretty frequently...she asked if you still had metal on your teeth the other day:)

love to you!