Monday, January 25, 2010

Week One

Week One
Miles: 11.5

General thoughts:
Week one was what you could call, a building week. My body went from not running ever, to running. It really was just a week to get used to the routine and the exercise because week two will be very similar.

I thought this week would have been harder. Maybe, like on The Biggest Loser, week two is the hardest.

Goals for next week:
I really need to make sure I eat and drink more before the longer run on Monday. Although I may have been extra tired due to the wind, I started getting weak towards the end and I know that I should have ate a bigger lunch and drank at least a glass of water during the day. So far, I still have not drank any water.

The long run today, pardon my language, was poopy. The wind was coming from every direction and it was gusting. There were moments I was running in place, I am sure of it.

The average temperature has been 32 degrees during my runs. Today I drove to Wichita to visit the one running store there is around here and bought some warm running pants. I had been wearing Hubs's pants and loved them. Since Hubs would like to have his pants back, and since I would like to run in the daylight and not look like I am running in my Hubs's pants, I am happy to now have a pair of my own.

When I told my brother I was running today even though it was windy and cold, he said I am officially a runner. Which is translated, "I am officially crazy!"

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