Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to the beginning

My very first post was about running. Two years ago I started running regularly outside. I was amazed that after about 2 weeks of pain and frustration, I was able to run without stopping and even wanted to push myself faster. Faster than I expected, I went from the slow 9-10 minutepace and was running in the 7:30-9 minute pace.

Since then, I have run off and on, but I have never had to go through that stage again.

The last time I ran was on Thanksgiving Day - 2 weeks after completing P90x. Three point one miles was comfortable and fun. Since that day, workouts have been sporadic and little to no effort has been put into them.

So today, when I saw the temperature was 47 degrees and I saw that my abs are hidden beneath a thick layer of pudge, my thought process went something like this:

1 hour before: I am going to take advantage of this weather and run. I'd really like to enjoy going out for a run again. Maybe I could even run a half marathon...that would be cool. Sorry Ransom, you are not coming.

30 minutes before: I think I will go 2 miles. Who knows maybe even further. I'm so excited that this may just turn out to be a long run.

5 minutes before: The sun is out. I am just going to put on some gloves so my fingers don't get cold. Ransom, don't look at me like that - you aren't going.

30 seconds before: Oh fine. You can come.

1 minute in: Lungs. Hurt. Air. Cold. Mucus. Gross.

3 minutes in: Ransom, GET OVER HERE. My lungs are starting to feel better. Oh, I forgot to turn on my ipod.

5 minutes in: Ransom poops. Great. I'm not carrying that (I proceed to tie it around his collar).

6 minutes in: Oh this feels okay. I wish I wouldn't have brought the dog along. My arm holding the leash is sore.

10 minutes in: Prairie dogs everywhere. Stop running so I can control the regular dog. Wow, I haven't run in a while. Maybe I won't do a half marathon.

20 minutes in: Ransom is never coming with me again. On the plus side, he is panting pretty hard - something he hasn't done since September. Feeling weak. Should have ate before running. Oh I should just walk the rest of the way. No, keep going. No walk. No go.

Home: That felt good. I think I may be able to get back into this.

It wasn't as bad as starting over again; but neither was it easy. Afterwards it just feels so good. And although Ransom is snoring right now; it isn't worth the extra expenditure of energy to take him along everytime. I think I said, "NO" approximately every 10 seconds the entire run.


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

p90X. i'm scared...bout to start it hopefully this weekend. I'm gonna get smoked.

jnet said...

i love that you made ranson carry his own poop! lol!