Thursday, January 21, 2010

I said I'd never do this

It was cold and I was stiff. I would have rather been in my warm bed. As I looked around me, only one thought came to mind. I voiced it to Hubs, "I don't understand why this many people would get up this early when it's this cold to run that far."

We were at the Lincoln marathon. Hubs was running the half and I was there to support by grabbing Starbucks and then biking around to various mapped out spots to cheer him on. People looked happy and excited. I didn't see anyone dreading the fact that they were about to run for about 2 hours (at least). I didn't see anyone complaining that their fingers were about to fall off. The excitement made me wish I was a runner - but never enough to do this.

In fact, I hadn't really ever run. I jogged every once in a great while, but really I was pretty out-of-shape at this point in my life. I would come to realize that all the more when I biked around following Hubs.

I had no desire to run that far.

Even as I began to run, and began to enjoy the exercise; I still had no desire to run that far.

But, I am a woman who needs goals and a schedule. In my physical life and in my spiritual life (hence 90 days thru the Bible). Without them life gets crazy, I forget things, and I'm generally unhappy. For that reason (and a few others), I have decided to run a half-marathon.

Last night Hubs asked, "So, how serious are you about running this?" I answered, "On a 10 scale, a 9."

I'm still scared that on a snowy day I won't get up and run. I'm still scared when I think of running so far when I've only gone 5 miles before. I'm still scared that I will chicken out.

But today, I am declaring that I am training for this half-marathon taking place on April 25. I have at least one other friend who is running it, and she has a baby under 1 year old. If she can do it, I can. I also know that my parents - who are turning 50 this year - are running a half-marathon in March. If they can do it, I know that I can.

And since I have now told you, I know that I am committing myself to this. I know that this will give me another topic to blog about, which motivates me. And I am excited, and scared, about this new challenge.

I found it humorous to see this quote in my inbox today:
Consistency requires discipline. Force yourself out the door.

And that's just what I'll be doing for the next 12 weeks.


Shanle's said...

Good luck, chica! I know you can do it! I actually just told Andy that I wanted to train for some "marathon" after this baby is born. I'm so excited to get back into tip top shape. I can't WAIT!! I'm not a runner AT ALL though, but I thought it'd be a good challenge! I'll keep you posted! Let me know how workouts go!


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you survive to R's birthday to keep his gift a secret? What was it? Mrs Y.