Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Word

Hubs and I feel utterly and completely blessed to sit under biblical teaching week after week. Finding a church that teaches the Word seems to be a challenge these days. Oh, there are churches that teach lessons from the Bible, but it must go further than that.

I have thought about posting about what we learn on Sunday mornings, but I never do. Mainly because I know I can't replicate what was said and how it was said. Instead, I would rather you listen to them if you want by clicking here (may I suggest "Serious and Sound: The Word of God").

I think what we love about our church is the incredibly high view of God and the dependence on the Word of God. Whenever a decision is made or a question is asked, repeatedly our pastors turn to the Word of God and what it says. The authority of our lives and of our churches must be the Bible. Our church teaches us that.

I had to ask myself recently, What kind of passion do I have for the Word of God? It's not just a book. It's not even just a study. It is not even just a manual. It contains the Words of Life. It contains God's thoughts to us.

In that case, it should be the most precious thing in the world to me.

So the question today is not, Do you have a Bible? Anymore, most people in the United States do. The question is, Do I have the Bible in me?

A Bible in the car cannot keep me from sinning. A Bible on the coffee table cannot change my actions or how I think. A Bible, even if it is open and sitting on our desk, cannot change our lives. The Bible treasured in our hearts gives us counsel. It prevents wrong thinking. It leads our life. It relieves temptation. It encourages and strengthens us. And it can only be treasured if it is inside my heart and my mind.

If it does all of those things, why would I look anywhere else for answers, peace, or life? It's all right in front of me.

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jnet said...

nicely said heather! and a encouraging challenge.