Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Mission, should I choose to accept it...

The mission of today is: clean and organize my mess of a desk. To get me going, I may have to go get a chai tea from Metro Coffee because, in case you didn't know, they have the best chai tea, hands down.

And if that didn't look messy enough, here's another view.

The reward to getting this done, as well as the deadline, is a wedding and fun with friends at 3pm. And oh how I love deadlines and rewards!

I shouldn't have to worry about our dog getting bored. He has become quite the lazy bum, or you could call him and lover of comfort.

Yesterday, our furnace had some trouble keeping the house warm due to the freezing cold temperatures. It was 59 degrees inside; toasty compared to the outside temps and wind chills. So we bought some firewood and have been enjoying the warmth, and the smells, of a wood fire. Since Hubs had the day off, Ransom and he cozied up next to the fire to enjoy some reading.


joan said...

SO??? Did you get the office organized? Did Ransom share his new bed with Richard?

Audrey said...

looks cozy ransom!!

Lindsay said...

Ransom - LOL! And I'm working on a post very similar to your messy desk post - thanks for making me not feel like such a slob! :-)

oh - and re: your comment on the potatoes....there are two signs at the grocery store for Yams and Sweet potatoes so I just assumed there was a difference....but maybe not. I'm not sure! I better go google now. Hehe!

Love your new header pic, btw.

The Feather Files said...

My desk is still a mess. So much for deadlines!

I DID get my chai tea though :)