Friday, April 24, 2009

On our wedding day...

In response to the poll, I thought I would give you a snippet of what actually did happen on my wedding day.

I was ticketted by a police officer.
I was in an unfamiliar city, taking my bridesmaid to her hotel after midnight. I had made a wrong turn and was lost in some neighborhood. I saw the sign for the hotel and completely missed the stop sign. Not one, but two police cars had the right of way at that two-way stop and pulled me over.

They had no sympathy for me, even thought it was my first ticket and it was my wedding day. Of course, any regard to one's feelings leaves when you are almost killed by the driver and I can understand that. After assuring him I had not been drinking and attempting to explain why I did not have my most current verification of insurance, he issued me a citation for $175, which I had to pay the next morning before we left the country on our honeymoon.

I did not trip up the stairs and bump my nose, although that would be very believable.

I did not take a shower.
Due to the delay in getting home because of the police officer incident and then getting up at 5:30am to get other things done, I did not have time to take a shower. Instead, I shaved my legs in the sink and made sure I didn't stink too badly.

I did run down 11 flights of stairs and I did run into a glass door.
I called Hubs after I got the ticket. I was delirious because in a right state of mind I would have thought through calling my fiance at 1:30am the morning of his wedding to tell him his future wife almost killed herself and 2 of her friends which resulted in a ticket that would be sure to affect our insurance rate. But I wasn't thinking clearly, so I called him.

Whether or not it was the waking him up or the fact I got a ticket that made the conversation unpleasant, I am not sure, but I fretted about it all night and had to see him the next morning before anything else happened. Once I was at his hotel, I couldn't remember the room number, just which floor he was on. So after knocking on the one I thought was his and nobody answering, I realized I had to get back so we could leave for the church. I pushed the elevator button and waited. And waited. And waited. Then, I called the front desk and told them the elevator wasn't working. I waited some more. Finally, when I could not wait any longer, I found the stairs and ran down 11 flights to the ground floor. In my frustration at a very rough start to my day, I walked right into the glass door and bumped my nose.

The tears took over from there.

I did not back into my brother's car or laugh so hard that water came up my nose.

This recap was only of the first few hours of my wedding day. I did not tell you how my mother-in-law got chigger bites from her knees to her toes. I also did not tell you about the call Hubs received from the courthouse informing him that our marriage license was not valid. We'll save those for another time.


Anonymous said...

Heather: Your stories make me smile and I am learning more than I knew! : ) I look forward to reading more! Love- Joan

jnet said...

you should put this in a book-form for memories for your children...(don't tell richard i said that :).

Steph said...

wow! can't wait to hear more stories from your wedding day!

Melissa Marsh said...

Goodness! That is quite the memorable day! I think the biggest thing I remembered from my wedding day is almost getting lost en route to the chapel (we got married in a casino in Vegas). And then there was a lady who stopped me and said, "Are you getting married?" and when I said, "Yes." she sort of just swooned.

Shanle's said...

I'm sorry, Heather. But that's hilarious... I mean... how ironic that that all happened. I'm just glad everything turned out okay! Plus, you have quite the story to tell someday to your children.


Laura said...

wow! - funny and crazy! yes please share more stories. wedding/romantic type stories are my favorite.