Thursday, January 28, 2010

Worth the wait

I'm in shock. It has been over 8 months since I have bought a pair of shoes. Not even one pair of flip flops. What has Kansas done to me!!!!

But this weekend I saw the cutest patent-leather, sunshine-yellow flats. They were gorgeous. They called my name. They were on sale (70% off). But they were a half-size too big. Not to worry, they had a pair in navy and red in my size.

I didn't buy them.

Two days later, I was back in the big city and I stopped to see them again. I tried them on, walked around. Thought about it. Thought about it some more.

I didn't buy them.

This morning, I had an itch to see them again. So, I got online and looked them up. They had gone on sale even more - an extra 30% off - making them 80% off of the original price! So, I went to our local, small Dillards and they had one pair in a size 6 and they are bright red. I bought them for $14. Hey, that is even cheaper than Target shoes!

Aren't they gorgeous? They were totally worth waiting 5 days for the better price.

Now I am just debating over whether I should go back and buy the brown flats that were also on sale, not as cheap. Or maybe, I should order a couple of pairs online...

I have awakened the shoe monster within!


jnet said...

very cute and what a deal!!!!

ARC said...

Those are beautiful!