Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Wow. It's been a busy week already. Christmas parties, errands, Christmas shopping (still), and regular life, too! All my online shopping items have come in the mail this week. I think I have just as much fun opening those boxes as the people will unwrapping their gifts!

Plus, all sorts of people are having babies lately. Then they post the cute pictures online and I can hardly get anything else done! Oh, my post from a few days ago really had nothing to do with babies, just life in general. I felt the need to clarify for those of you awaiting an announcement in the next few months.

I started a little tradition when Hubs and I got married. Each year, I buy an ornament for our Christmas tree. The ornament marks something memorable in our life that year.

In 2006:
That was an easy year, celebrating our first Christmas married. Don't know if you can see it real well, but my hair was super dark brown and super short. My hairstyles over the years merit a post all of their own!

In 2007:
This was a hard year because it was a boring year in our lives. Nothing real exciting happened, so we went into Target and each picked out an ornament for each other. Hubs picked this one out for me because I really wanted a dog.

In 2008:
Hubs and I took our super big 12-day trip to Hawai'i with our best pals, Ryan and Martha. It was a very memorable trip and so I bought a palm tree to remember it by.

2009 was easy. We graduated from dental school, so I looked for a graduation ornament. No luck.

We moved to Kansas, so I looked for a moving truck ornament. No luck.

I had to settle for this ornament:

Although I didn't originally want to go with a dog ornament, it was all I could find, and it was a change in our life this year. I'll add his picture someday and it will be our memory from 2009!

Hmmmm, this makes me wonder what will happen in 2010 that will be ornament-worthy.


aconkling said...

What a sweet tradition, Heather. I'm sure it's fun looking back at the ornaments each year...just wait until 20 years and more of wedded bliss! :)
I agree on the online packages. I did a majority of my shopping online this year and was so excited to get packages at the doorstep this week!
See you guys tomorrow night at the BIG white elephant party....hehehe!

Jake said...

a baby could be the ornament!?!?!?!?!?!

Audrey said...

lol seriously!!! ornament worthy next year?? you're setting us all up to think Clabaugh babies. (unintentionally I guess)