Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amazing Amazon is a favorite website. Books are cheaper there. Books that I can't find anywhere else, I find there. I've also bought work-out gear, dog toys, and other stuff on that website for good prices. And, if you buy over $25 worth...shipping is free.

What's not to love about Amazon?

Then, I got a kindle for Christmas, which makes me love Amazon even more. Now, I can download books practically anywhere for about half the cost! And I get to read them on the coolest new gadget and also this year's #1 gift.

And since kindle sales were so high, do you know what Amazon is doing?

They are giving away free kindle books!! That's right. I just downloaded 2. Hundreds of books are priced at $0.00 and since my kindle can hold over 1,000 books, I am enjoying browsing through the website, picking out books to download.

Free books - ah. I'm in bliss.

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joan said...

Cool! Glad you are enjoying!