Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Card Outtakes

Who knew taking Christmas card pictures this year would be so difficult?

Too blurry.




A new day.

Not ready.

Trying to get Ransom's attention. Mission failed.

Ransom obviously getting sick of me holding onto him. And, whoa, the hair is crazy.

Another oops.

Did we ever get one where we all were looking at the camera?

You'll have to wait and see. But the whole ordeal wore these two out.

Maybe next year we'll find someone to take the pictures for us.


Shanle's said...

my guess is you got one!! can't wait to see it!! ;) we love taking pics of ourselves... they never turn out just right! i actually miss having my mom around to get candid shots of our family!! ;(


Anonymous said...

I like the 3rd one from the bottom for a great candid one/real life. I love the 2nd from the is great if you know whats going on. :) hehe. Thanks for sharing!
Mrs Young

Steph said...

how fun!! can't wait to see the "good" one =)

ARC said...


Lindsay said...

The awkward one had me rollin' - Ransom's face is priceless. ;-)

jnet said...

i love the "another oops!" that was great! love you christmas card. practice makes perfect. miss you guys! have a great christmas.