Friday, December 4, 2009


It is currently 34 degrees outside.

My doorbell rang 5 minutes ago. Ransom went psycho, but after he was put in his crate, I went and found a 4th grade boy at my door.

It was obvious that he was there to ask me to buy something, so I said, "hello" and waited. The boy told me about the cards he was selling for school. He told me how I could use them at local restaurants. He said they were only $10 and that he had only sold 1 so far. I asked if I could look at the card and where he had been so far. He had been to many houses on his bike. Going door-to-door finding many people not yet home from work and others who didn't want to buy.

I admired his dedication. I know that as a 4th grader I for sure would not ride my bike through the neighborhood, knocking on strangers doors in 80-weather. I wouldn't even do that as an adult. But this boy was doing it; and he was doing it in very cold weather.

After a not-so-good day/week, I found this boy very refreshing and genuine. Smart, too. I invited him inside to get out of the cold, and although I could tell he wanted to, I was still a stranger and he stayed safely outside.

I hate it that schools put pressure on children to raise money for them, even if it must be necessary. I was one of those slacker kids who never sold anything, nor cared. I bet a lot of parents just take the stuff to work and hope their coworkers will buy. So, I hope this boy finds more people to buy from him. He sure is putting in the effort!


Richard said...

so did we buy anything from him?

Shanle's said...

ya, i wanna know if you bought one too!!

The Feather Files said...

of course i bought one. and he was so excited too! that was when he told me that he had been up and down all these streets and everyone had denied him. the only person that bought a card was his dad's friend and it was so sad. i should have bought more than 1...i don't know what i was thinking.

Richard said...

so what can we buy with this sympathy card?

The Feather Files said...

All I can remember was bogo at Subway. It's like a pogo card! It'll be awesome.

jnet said...

when mike answers the door, we always end up with buying something. he is so compassionate! i am still learning from him!