Monday, December 7, 2009


December is supposed to be about bundling up for the snow. About listening to Christmas songs 24/7. About going to Christmas parties. About decorations. About hot chocolate. About romantic evenings. About the stillness outside. About joy. About that "thing" in the air that just makes ya happy.

Instead, December has been about sickness. It took me forever to put up the decorations. I feel like the house is a mess. I feel like I will never finish my Christmas shopping. It has been about surviving, not enjoying. It has been about cold morning walks. It has been about getting further and further behind each day.

Then, I went to this Christmas coffee tonight at church. It was decorated all pretty. We ate desserts and drank decaffeinated watered-down coffee. We sat around the table and talked with friends and it was nice. It started to feel like December.

And then, my friend and I walked outside. Snow had completely covered the ground and the air was still. There was that quiet peacefulness all around. And I heard the snow lightly crunch under my shoes.

December is here. Seven days late.

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Laura said...

lol!! you had mennonite coffee!! :)
i totally get you on the season feeling out of sorts. i don't have decorations up yet. and i too feel like i'll never get done shopping. but the blizzard outside sure does make it feel like winter!