Thursday, December 17, 2009

The most festive

For the staff/elder Christmas party we were supposed to wear ugly/festive Christmas outfits. Only about 4 of us actually did anything, but there was a prize. Ya'll know I'll do anything for a prize.

Turns out, I won. My outfit was complete with a turtleneck covered in poinsettias, a sweatshirt with snowmen decorating a tree, dangling snowmen earrings, a snowman pin, a bow in my hair, and a jingle bell around my neck. You can't forget the jingle bell. Hubs even donned his Christmas tie!

Afterwards we had a white elephant gift exchange. I laughed hard. Richard got these really cool glasses though!

We played some cards and then headed home to our sick puppy. He got in a little squabble with another dog and was bit on the chest. Blood was squirting, he was limping. Before we left, we thought he'd be fine. When we got home, it seemed more serious. He could barely walk and he was still bleeding. The worst was his yelping with every move he made. Even if we touched him, he would wince and cry. It was a very sad sight.

This morning, he woke up feeling better. He is still a little sore, but definitely on the mend.

PS all you Nebraska friends, we are headed your way next week! Looking forward to seeing your faces, hugging your necks, and seeing those rounded bellies (those who are pregnant, that is).


Audrey said...

all you need is a pair of " mom jeans" to complete that sexy ensemble.

Shanle's said...

Nice get-up, Heath!! I guess you'll be seeing my pregger belly soon! ;) You may have to find time to stop by... we might not be at church on the 27th afterall.

See you soon!!


aconkling said...

We missed you at last night's party! You could have stolen my gift - Nebraska tags! :( They're up for grabs if you'd like them. Did you enjoy your gift from all of us?! ;)