Monday, December 28, 2009

The end of a decade

Christmas went by way too fast. And now, we are 3 short days away from 2010 and the end of the decade with the most changes in my life, by far.

In this decade, I graduated high school. I turned 18. I said good-bye to friends and we went our separate ways.

In this decade, I went to college. I graduated from a college. I entered my 20s. I made new friends. I stayed out late. I worked a lot. I learned the money spends faster than it is made. I made choices, bad and good. I had fun.

In this decade, I traveled all over. Italy. Canada. Hawaii. Mexico. New York. Georgia. Washington, DC. California. Colorado. And more.

In this decade, I pushed myself outside my comfort zone. I gave a speech in front of legislators in Topeka. I moved to a new place, all by myself. I traveled alone. I had roommates. I found a church family. I made friends.

In this decade, I saw changes in my family. My brothers graduated from high school. My parents moved from the house I grew-up in. I gained in-laws. I saw relationships change, but not weaken.

In this decade, I met Hubs. I said, "yes" to a date that I didn't want to go on. I continued on a path that I was unsure of. I stopped wanting to live only for myself and added someone else's dreams to mine. I said, "YES" to a marriage proposal. I planned a wedding. I said, "I do;" committing myself to him for the rest of my life.

In this decade, I gave up dreams willingly. I learned more of what love means. I worked a lot. I gave back rubs during finals week. I had a love/hate relationship with dental school. I encouraged. I listened. I learned about dentistry. I rejoiced. I sympathized. I supported. I pushed and I pulled.

In this decade, I ran a few races. I worked out more than ever before. I desired to be healthy. I overcame the fear of running.

In this decade, I saw Hubs graduate. I stood there beside him the entire way. I planned a party. I said good-bye to friends. I packed our things. I moved to a town in which I never wanted to live.

In this decade, I rescued a dog. I walked in the early morning. I got another job I love. I met new friends. I persevered through a "lost" time in life. I transitioned from a dental school wife to a dentist's wife. I encouraged. I rejoiced. I sympathized. I listened. I learned more about dentistry. I pushed and I pulled.

In this decade, I saw God provide. I learned to lean on Him more. I learned to trust myself less. I learned that nobody makes you happy. I learned that joy is found in my relationship with Christ. I let Him lead me where I did not want to go. I had godly people encouraging me. I had opportunities to share the gospel. I have a long way to go.

In the next decade, I doubt there will be as much change. Right now, the next 10 years seem predictable in the general sense. However, I have no idea what God will bring our way. What I do know is this: ten years goes by super fast and I want to make them count.


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...
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Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

sounds EXACTLY like my life!!! only add 'had three kids'. hahaaa! =) not that we have many decades to compare this one to, but this last one WAS FULL!! Miss you guys - your xmas card was cute!

jnet said...

thanks for sharing heather. that was encouraging! but believe me girl, a lot will happen in the next decade as well. hang on...and enjoy the ride!