Saturday, August 8, 2009

Then and Now

I tumbled upon an old photo of me while spending time with my grandparents. Actually, I stumbled upon a lot of old photos and brought them home to add to my ever growing catalog of photos.

Anyways, here I am on July 21st, 2006 - 3 years ago.

And here I am more recently.

I feel like I look a lot different now.

First of all, the hair. Whoa, was it blonde. And long. And fluffy.

The second thing I noticed that has changed is the smile - a change for the better. These pictures give a good depiction of how narrow my smile was before. Now, those gaps on the side of my smile are gone.

I could go on about my tan skin, my eye color, and my complexion. I could point out how you can tell I have a headache in one picture by the way my eyes are shaped. But really, I want to get to the shape of my face. It has gotten wider, which is a nice way of saying fatter. I was probably more active then, probably ate better, too. Going from walking back and forth across campus for class to sitting at a desk all day for a few years is bound to change your body. But this if the first time I noticed it in my face.

Good thing I am starting a new workout regime on Monday. Goal: skinny face. And legs. And butt. And, oh you get the point.


Anonymous said...

i think you're hot!

Audrey said...

but you guys are the hiking/running family!!

Anonymous said...

heather you got it all cute butt, sexy legs, and skinny face. dont you worry