Monday, August 10, 2009

The details

That was awesome. I leave out key information in a post and I get a flood of comments!

I was sitting at home one day, thinking about what I should do when a phone call came in. I had no idea who it was and debated about whether I should answer. It had been a downer of a day and wasn't in the mood to talk. I picked it up and it was a job offer.

I am now the secretary at our church. Well, one of them. It has been a full-time position and I was only interested in part-time, so it has been split.

The hours are great, the job is right up my alley, and I have room to be creative in my own little way. I love to be in the midst of it all, and that is right where I will be now. Ransom is doing well in his crate and we have no fears leaving him there for the hours I am away.

Before I knew I would be working, I volunteered to help out for a conference. My job? Baking at least 600 cookies and putting them in little bags with cute ribbon. I thought, I won't have anything else to do that week. Why not? Little did I know that the week of the conference would be my first week of work. Eye-yi-yi. My life went from uneventful to crazy busy!

Thanks for all the inquiries. It makes me happy that people do read.

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Audrey said...

congrats on the job!