Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photo Op

The family get-together this weekend was an opportunity to take some family photos. This is always a difficult task. Getting my family to stop talking, stand still, wait, move positions, and wait some more is not simple.

First up, the original family unit. It turned out nice - everyone smiling and looking at the camera. However I must point out that I am not really that short; we are standing on a hill.

Here is the question, though. I think I was told that I look like each of my parents and both of my brothers at some point on this trip. Who do you think I resemble?

Next up, the family unit plus the in-law, the fiance, and the girlfriend. Hubs is the tallest. I am the shortest. And I have no hair. It was hot, so I pulled it back. Bad idea.

Next up, the grandparents. They have had so many adventures in their 50 years of marriage. That's right - 50 years this October!

And then it was time for our little family unit. Imagine all of those people in the above pictures standing behind the person with the camera calling Ransom's name, whistling, trying to get his attention in some form - to no avail. Then comes the problem that he is so black that you have to get him at the right angle to even see his face. This was the best one (of many). Once again, I have no hair.


Anonymous said...

Great pics Heather! I think you look like a great combination of your Mom & Dad! : )


Audrey said...

I don't know who you look like, I think you are mix...

jnet said...

1. your dad's eyes, your mom's nose and smile
2. you are short heather, and that's okay!!!!
3. what's wrong with no hair mike would like to know?

it looks like a great time was had by all!

Jake said...

You look like mom a lot more then dad. and i think you are that short dont be blaming things on the earth.