Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our first and last trip to the pool this summer

It is so very sad that the first time to the pool this year was also the last. It is even more sad that the trip was not so I could swim, but so that Ransom could.

Each year after the pool closes, they open it for one evening so that dogs can come swim. They get rid of the chlorine and suggest that children not get in the pool, but adults are free to get in at their own risk. The zero-entry pool got pretty murky by the time we left - gross.

Our hope was that Ransom would love the water. Being a lab, swimming should come easy for him and he really should love it - it's in his genes. So, as I walked with him into the zero-entry area, I was delighted that he was walking right behind me. As the water got deeper, he slowed; then, he wouldn't budge.

Not easily put-off, I lifted him under his belly and walked him into the deeper section. Slowly, I let go of him to see what would happen.

What happened was a bunch of panicking - splashing around like he was going to drown. Then he realized that he could swim if he calmed down. And he started swimming...straight to the side of the pool to get out.

In panic-mode.

Normal doggy-paddling.

And, that was to be the trend. We went into the water with him, and he swam for the nearest ledge as soon as he could get away.

After I knew he could swim, I took him to the lap pool with the "big" dogs - the ones who loved the water and could hardly stay out of it. They would jump in, retrieve balls, toys, and whatever else was thrown out. I thought, Maybe Ransom will join in.

So, he got kind of excited about a ball and I tossed it about 2 feet away. He leaped to go get it and completely forgot about the water drop-off. He went completely under water and when he emerged, he swam straight for the side and took off running as soon as he got out.

Like any good parent owner, I took him right back into the pool determined for him to get over this silly fear. Once Hubs joined us, I was able to take pictures and Hubs was able to get into the lap pool (too deep for little me) with him and kept him swimming for a long time. Hubs would walk backwards calling Ransom to come and Ransom would follow for the whole length of the pool.

One thing I did not count on was how extremely hyper he would be the second he got out of the pool. He wanted to chase and wrestle with every other dog, run fast and hard, and spin in circles and go crazy. I am not kidding.

I think Hubs and I had more fun than Ransom, but I am already looking forward to next year!


Anonymous said...

That is great! Hope he gets an opportunity to swim before the end of next summer! Joan : )

Jake said...

How come Ransom and other dogs get along but Holly and him hate each other?????

Lindsay said...

Oh! We took our dog(s) to that when we lived there! Maggie would always jump off the diving board, too :-) He'll get the hang of it.

Oh - and the answer to Jakes question - some dogs are Alphas...my Lucy is an alpha, so she'll fight any other alpha female, but she cowers around any male dog. It's quite funn...doggy dynamics :-)