Monday, August 10, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Today is my first day back in the workforce of America.


Let me back up. You may not know it, but over the past 2-3 months I have felt at a complete loss. It is really hard to describe, but I have had no direction, no purpose, no structure in my life and therefore my brain had turned to mush. I couldn't have a serious conversation without crying; I couldn't make up my mind about anything; and I waivered on what I wanted to do with my life every day. It was messy.

So in the crisp, clear air of Colorado I discussed my new found plan with Hubs and resolved to find a part-time job. My goal in working again is to 1) have a structure/routine/schedule - it is very apparent that I cannot function in any other way; 2) have conversation with other human beings during the day; and 3) have a purpose. Wait. You're wondering what the purpose of a part-time job is when you still are unsure of future plans?

I know 1 thing right now: I want to finish my degree. Therefore, while I am working not only will my brain return to it's normal squishy gray and white matter, but I will also help put money towards finishing school. And as my brain starts functioning, I hope to research and find a school that meets my needs completely.

Honestly, when I first got the job, I was scared. Not of the tasks. But, I have been without a job for 3 months and trying something new is a little nerve-racking. I have had 4 days to process it, however, and I am ready and excited.

Not to mention that this job will be a near-perfect fit for my strengths.

And what is even more comforting? That God knew I would take this job. I just needed to trust in Him, and looking back, I could have done a much better job of it.

So, today I am back amongst the working. Speaking of that....I gotta get going!


millhouse said...

What is the job?

Anonymous said...

Hope your first day was great! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

jnet said...

i echo laura - where are you working? do share some more detail!!!

Shanle's said...

did you leave that part out on purpose?? =)

jnet said...

oops! sorry justin, i didn't look close enough and thought that was laura's comments! i still agree....
waiting for another blog right heather :)