Thursday, August 13, 2009

New foods

Hubs and I have begun a new workout/nutrition plan this week. Which means we are both putting down some new foods.

I knew this would be a different type of eating when I bought 75% of my food from the produce section, 20% from the meat department, and only 5% off the regular shelves. This food is fresh and yummy.

Hubs has never "liked" tomatoes. I just found out this week that he hasn't ever HAD a tomato! He's had them for lunch each day this week.

I've never been an avocado fan (I like guac, but that is different). We have both put avocado on our burritoes this week - can't even taste it!

We are both eating, what seems to be, a lot of food. However, we are just eating good food and the right food to replenish our bodies from high intensity workouts. Our diet consisted of lots of processed foods and carbs. We are eating more protein and veggies right now.

We have lots of new recipes to try. My first new recipe was "Italian Meatloaf." I have always thought that meat made into a loaf is wrong. But, the ingredients to this meatloaf seemed good, so I gave it a try. Hubs was game for it since the substance that holds it together is marinara sauce rather than the traditional ketchup.

When it came out of the oven, I was very, very nervous. We tasted; it was DELISH! We both ate it up and Hubs has been eating the leftovers, too! But, I didn't tell you why I was even more nervous about this meatloaf. It was made with ground turkey instead of beef; and still, I have never had such a great meatloaf.

People keep telling us how wonderful salmon is, especially on a cedar plank. As a rule, I have never eaten pink fish - I like the white ones better. So, I bought salmon and a cedar plank. I covered it in spices and tried not to gag while doing so.

When it came off the grill, it looked reasonable enough. But the more I thought about actually putting it in my mouth, the more I gagged. I didn't even take the whole fillet; I just cut off a portion to try. I tasted my first bite and maintained the same opinion - eww. Hubs gave me some of his potato and I forced my salmon down my throat, covered with potatoes.

Hubs didn't like it, but he didn't think it was horrible. He ate half of his fillet before the gag reflex hit. At least we tried.

Salmon isn't cheap. We have been considering putting Ransom on a salmon-based dog food to help with his itchy skin. So, we cut off the seasoned edges, cut the salmon into bite-sized pieces, and put it in Ransom's food bowl. He licked the bowl clean for about 5 minutes after he gobbled it down; then he searched the house to see if he could find anymore of that stuff.

At least someone enjoyed their omega-3 fatty acids.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Heather!

Melissa Marsh said...

I love salmon! :-)

Congrats on the new job and the new food/exercise routine!

Your one and only said...
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Anonymous said...

So, Heather, is your next post going to be the meatloaf recipe? Please?! :) Mrs Young

Laura said...

1. i'm so glad you're trying new food!! but i'm sad you don't like salmon - it's a special favorite of mine. keep up the adventuresome spirit and continue expanding your food horizons! :)

2. i agree you should share your healthy recipes and workout tips. i'll need all the help i can get this winter if i want to look skinny again!

Josh and Erin said...

all we eat is ground turkey. LOVE IT! :) That's the one benefit I got from my college degree- a large dose of eating lots of healthy foods. Don't let the compounding produce bill discourage you! : ) Way to try new things!

Audrey said...

wow you guys REALLY hate salmon...that's interesting. YOu can always take an fish or flax oil supplement.