Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh look! There's a dog outside.

Sometimes A lot of times I bring Ransom along with me when I run errands. The windows in the backseat only go down halfway, so I leave them rolled down and he just chills out while I run into human only stores.

Yesterday, I went into blockbuster to look for a movie and left Ransom hanging in the backseat. Windows make up three of the four walls in Blockbuster, and after I was inside for maybe 4 minutes, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I moved slightly to get a better look at what was out there, thinking that it looked like a dog.

What I saw was a dog. A black dog. A black dog with a hunter's orange collar. Ransom!

I turned and tried to run (in a jean skirt and flip flops) out the building. Of course the nearest door is only an entrance, so I shuffle around the cashiers like a dork saying, My dog is running around outside!

As I round to the back of the building, debating whether I should just drop my purse so I can go faster, I see Ransom checking out the manual car wash next door. Of course he won't go near them, though, in fear of getting a drop of water on his fur.

Okay, how do I do this so he knows it is not a game of chase, but that he should really come. I bent my knees slightly and bent a little and said, "Ransom, come!"

He whipped his head around to see me, his ears perked up at the excitement of finding me, and jogged over with his crazy tail wagging to one side. He comes right next to me, ready to go on another adventure with me.

Note to self: Ransom has realized he can jump through the car window - don't roll them down very much.


Anonymous said...

I am so GLAD that you saw him. He does not like being without you . . .you are his "pack leader". Seriously, glad to hear all is well, but I am curious how he got out of the window without hurting himself or the window??? Joan

The Feather Files said...

I have no clue, but I have visions of him getting high centered and then wiggling until he was free. Or, maybe he took one jump and aimed really well.

Anonymous said...

I shuttered thinking of the night (in the dark) we left him while looking at the office! : ) Joan

Audrey said...

once again you remind me of why we don't have a dog ;)

dana said...

LOL! And I'm with Audrey.

JAKE said...

I love your dog! You should make a movie like Marley and me. Ill pay to see it.