Monday, April 27, 2009

Which first? and then your advice.

In general, when putting together an outfit for an occasion, do you:

A. Search for the shoes & accessories, then find the outfit.

B. Search for the outfit, then find the shoes and accessories?

I found the dress. That's done. It's pretty plain, though, so I need some fantastic accessories to jazz it up.

I also found the jewelry. I just need the shoes and am having no luck. Plus, I only have 8 days to find them. I have exhausted the local stores and have frantically searched the Internet, only to find one pair that is completely out of my price range.

I found a really cute pair of shoes in town that would go with the dress. But, I would have to completely change the jewelry (which I love). This is my back-up plan.

So, should I just give up on finding the perfect colored shoes to go with my jewelry and settle on the shoes I have already found so that I can remain sane? Or, should I keep looking and stressing for the perfect shoes until the very last minute and then, if I don't find them, run around and try to find jewelry to go with the back up shoes?

Maybe I'll just wear a potato sack to graduation.


Melissa Marsh said...

I always find the outfits first, then the shoes.

I can't find any cute shoes in my price range, either! I swear, this season's fashion choices are a big flop.

jnet said...

well, can you wear the shoes with other things again or the jewelry? and which is more cost effective with that in mind?
just pick the thing you think people will notice the most when you are wearing it.....

Laura said...

B. dress first.
what color shoes are you looking for that are so hard to find?
what does your dress look like?
i'm sure you'll find something soon! :)

Audrey said...

outfit first I can't imagine doing it the other way around. I say buy back up jewelry for the shoes you already have. Keep looking for shoes if you don't find them, then you've got the jewelry to fall back on. It's easier to return what you don't use after the fact then spaz out the end if the shoe thing doesn't pan out.