Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I loved college life, but one of the things I don't miss is "pulling an all-nighter." Maybe I have become wimpy in my old age, but I hit a wall at around 11pm and just can't concentrate on anything, not even a conversation with Hubs.

Last night, I woke up from a nightmare involving me 50 pounds heavier battling talking wolves and bears (weird), to find the hall light still on and Hubs not there. He had left at 9pm to get some work done in the lab and so I assumed it was probably about 1:30am and he would be home shortly. To my amazement, the clock said 3:20am!

Five minutes later I heard Hubs pull into the parking lot and after a few questions on what he had accomplished, I fell right back asleep. Then, four short hours later, I woke Hubs up so he could get off to school.

I do believe this was his last all-nighter. And who knows, maybe we will be in a reversed situation when I start taking classes again.


Melissa Marsh said...

That is a heck of an all-nighter! I don't think I ever stayed that late when I was in college, though I do remember thinking 11 p.m. was EARLY. My, how things change...

Anonymous said...

He is a good son! : )
Love - Joan

Audrey said...

did you find a place yet? that's off the subject, but your quiz made me ask.