Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Hy-Vee Man

My Hy-Vee is right across the street which is extremely convenient on nights when the planned dinner meal doesn't sound very good. To say we frequent the grocery store during the week is an understatement. I went there 3 times this past Sunday alone.

But, I love my Hy-Vee. It's the largest one around, but I know the layout and where everything is located. They have a good selection and, of course, there is a "helpful smile in every aisle." But more than a helpful smile, there is my helpful Hy-Vee man.

Months ago, back when the store was relatively new, I was shopping and an older gentleman who was handing out samples asked if I wanted to try his roast. I did and started to walk away, but he called me back and asked how it was. It was good. Before I understood what was happening I had a pot roast in my hands, instructions on how to cook it, and was off to buy potatoes, carrots, and onions to cook with it. My trip to "just pick up some milk" turned into Saturday's meal.

The next time I went in, he taught me how to cook a cornish hen. This time I carried it around with me, but put it back when he wasn't looking. I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't interested.

For a while, I tried to sneak by him on my trips to the grocery store. Sometimes it would work, other times he would call me over, Well hello young lady! How are you doing today?, to teach me a new recipe. Just this past Sunday, I cooked the pork roast he showed me how to make. After each lesson, he tells me, And remember, if I can cook it, you can cook it.

I don't avoid my Hy-Vee man anymore, but I have also learned to say, maybe next time, when he places random meat in my hands. I enjoy tasting his food and chatting when I go in.

I will miss my Hy-Vee man when we move. I will also miss the Caribou Coffee shop located inside my Hy-Vee. And, the cracked pepper linguine that I can't find anywhere else. And the redbox that gives out free movies. And the $.15 I earn each time I bring my reusable bags in.

Can I take Hy-Vee with me?


Melissa Marsh said...

I love HyVee, too, but the one near me is so darn expensive!

Anonymous said...

I love Hy-Vee. Missing it a lot right now...
Mrs Young

Shanle's said...

that's hilarious, heather... i can imagine the whole thing!!