Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Dental School Years - Part 1.

I can tell dental school is almost over. Not only are we overwhelmed with future planning, but Hubs hasn't had homework in weeks. There haven't been tests, or studying, or labwork, or research. It is truly and officially winding down.

And so, finally I think I can honestly blog about what it is like, being a dental school wife.


As dental school approached, we were a newly engaged couple. We had a carefree, fun and exciting summer where every moment of our spare time was spent together. So, as the first day of school drew closer, I despaired. The inevitable hours of studying were coming closer and closer and all I had heard were horror stories about the pressure, the tests, the time commitment, and the lab work.

I lived about 20 minutes away on campus with two great roommates. I worked a part-time job, went to school full-time, was planning a wedding, and was pretty involved at church. This was good, because I couldn’t see Hubs every night, but I was busy with studying and stuff so I was lonely. My roommates were great fun, too, and kept me company on the free nights. Hubs and I would talk to each day and sometimes study together. It was fun to surprise him by stopping by and it was even more fun when he surprised me! On days that he had big tests, I would drive over early in the morning with muffins. We cherished the times we spent together.

We had determined early on that Friday nights would remain our date-nights. These were times when Hubs put aside his studies no matter what so that we could be together. It was a good break for him and it was what we both looked forward to each week.

By the end of spring semester and right on into summer semester, I could tell Hubs needed a break from dental school. Yet, he still had 8 weeks left and his Part 1 Board exam at the end. We both felt the pressure and I began to blame dental school, hating it for dividing Hubs attention from me at the time when I most wanted to be assured of his love and commitment towards me. Our wedding was weeks away….I wanted him to be as enthralled in the planning as I was. As I realized my selfish thoughts, I took my head from my rear and started encouraging Hubs in his studies and in his work. He had enough pressure on him without me adding to it. For the next three years of my life I would be sharing Hubs with dental school commitments and he needed me to be right there beside him, cheering him on. So, we pressed on, looking forward to our break.

Hubs had a 5 week break between summer and fall semester. We planned our wedding 5 days after his Part 1 Board exam – the test that determines whether or not you can continue your dental education. No big deal or anything… So, as I was stressing over wedding plans, traveling to and from Kansas, attending bridal showers, moving into our apartment, and working full-time, Hubs was deep into the books, preparing for his exam. He jokes about not having a clue about our wedding plans, but it was true. He heard the music, saw the d├ęcor, and learned the order of service the night before, at rehearsal.

The moment I saw him after his board exam was over, I knew my Hubs was back. He looked like a boulder had been lifted off his shoulder and he was ready to be my Hubs. We celebrated that night and the next morning I took off for Kansas to prepare for our wedding. We both looked forward to year 2, knowing that we would at least be together through it all.

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jnet said...

oh, i love these kind of blogs! thanks for sharing heather....looking forward to part2 :)