Saturday, April 4, 2009

Foreign Foods

High Fructose Corn Syrup & Hydrogenated Oils.

These two substances are absolutely foreign to our bodies. They have no nutritional value. They were invented for the sole purpose of allowing normal, perishible foods to sit on the shelf for up to 12 years.


Think of the foods we need to stay healthy and live. Water: God provided us with plenty of that. Vegetables: God made those. Fruits: God made those. Animals: God made those. Everything He provided has nutritional value and necessity.

Think of the foods we eat a lot of. Pop: man made that. Packaged cookies: man made that. Potato chips in a sack: man made that. Hardly any (if any) nutritional value.

I haven't wiped out those un-nutritious foods from our home (do you really think I could stay away from ice cream?). But, I have tried to buy more wholesome options.

For example, I've switched to this:

And, I love it. There are 5 ingredients, all real things. The consistency is more liquid than normal peanut butter because the partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is absent. The taste, however, is delicious and I have been eating it almost everyday. I haven't baked with it yet, but considering this is what they used to use in the olden days, I am not too concerned.

So, try to eat less foreign foods and more real foods. That is what you body needs and wants.

I don't think it is about losing weight or being thin, anymore. It's about eating and living healthy lifestyles.
Information taken from "Eat Well! Live Well!" by Pamela Smith, RD.


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying the reading on organic foods. I may need to give the organic JIF a try!

Hope your cold is better.

Love- Joan

Audrey said...

my mom has been preaching no high fructose and no hydrongenated oil for years and pro canola and olive oil!! she's our family's healthfood guru. she makes me feel really bad about buying delicious greasy bacon. :) oh and nitrates and preservatives... she's all on top of that too...
and about the babies, one of the reasons I'm so into chemical free bath products for their little bods too.
maybe with all you've learned your babies will chemical free.. you just need an air purifer, a plastic bubble etc; :) my how I would love a plastic bubble...