Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ode to the addiction

O the addiction; O the need;
Has anyone, will anyone, email me today?

Each hour, each minute, I must check and see
Has anyone, will anyone, comment on my blog?

If only I didn’t work on a computer all day long;
If only I could get my mind off of it.

Instead, I frantically push “Send/Receive” and wait…
Will there be a new message? Nope.

Is my email broken? That is it! I’ll send a test email to check.
Yeah! I have a new message. Oh, it’s just the test.

O to not wonder why nobody has emailed.
O to not worry that nobody reads the blog.

It only compels me to write more.
It only compels me to email more.

Hoping I’ll make people think, wonder, laugh;
Hoping I’ll become a better writer, thinker.

But most of all, hoping to get more emails.
Looking forward to a full inbox.

I'm obviously not a poet, nor have I ever understood poetry. Just a gal who is realizing a true addiction to checking her email.


Anonymous said...

HEATHER - You do make me smile!
Yes, I enjoy reading your blog. You write with such enthusiasm. Perhaps you should take up writing!

Love Joan : )

Nicole said...

Even though I have never met you in person I like reading your blog!:)

Shanle's said...

you seriously crack me up. i was laughing out loud while reading this one... too funny. and I email you quite often, if i do say so myself!! =) now you'll have a comment to read tomorrow morning, you addicted, little booger!! did i just say booger... can you tell i'm a mommy now?


Jeanette said...

heather - i'm still catching up! can you believe i'm this far behind!
i loved the part that you send a test and then get excited you got an email - girl, i miss you!!!!