Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Connect, Reconnect, Stay Connected

Staying connected is hard. In the last few years, I've realized that people move. I've always wanted to be the one moving, but everyone else needs to stay put! I've moved around a few times in my life. Each time, no matter what, it is hard to stay connected with friends. I find that as I have gotten older, it becomes easier because friends seem to move more often and I realize I don't want to give up those friendships.

How do you stay connected? I remember writing letters to my friends when I moved to Kansas. Long distance was still expensive back then. I talk to my family on the phone mostly. But, I stay connected to most of my friends through email, my preferred form of communication.

I started this blog to stay connected to friends and family. However, it has become much more.

Connect. I have connected with people I never would have known before. I've met some great people and learn so much from reading their blogs. It has been great to connect with really wonderful people through similar hobbies, opinions, beliefs, interests, and lives.

Reconnect. Just today I found a cousin's blog. I haven't talked to her for many, many years since she was quite older than I, but it is so fun to read through her blog and see what is going on in her life. I reconnected with another familiar face from just a few years' back and some old high school friends, too. I really love accidentally finding these old friends and reconnecting through our blogs.

Stay Connected. Since God takes our life and your lives many places, I love having blogs that never move. No matter what, I can not only stay connected through my friends' blogs; but you can stay connected with me because my blog isn't going away anytime soon.

What a great communication tool blogging is (plus it makes as a great hobby). Whether you have a business blog, a family blog, a topical blog, or make it whatever you want - I'm sure you will find ways to connect, reconnect, and stay connected.


Melissa Marsh said...

I know that my family likes to stay connected and updated on my life via my blog - especially my grandma. :-) I've met some amazing, wonderful people through blogging.

Shanle's said...

it's been a great way for us to keep posted about our son... it's hard to be 13 hours away from friends and family. andy and i don't change much, but being able to watch brode grow up via the blog has been great! we love it! and we love learning about others too!


Jeanette said...

are you trying to say i need to start a blog as well?