Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crock pot Crap or Crock pot Cuisine?

Friends introduced me to the phrase "Crock pot Crap" years ago. After church, if we found out our moms were making any food in the crock pot, we would search for a friend to take us in for lunch. Anything other than eating the dreaded mystery, soggy, bland, food from the crock pot.

Since I have been married, many women have encouraged me to cook with the crock pot. They say it is convenient, easy, and good. I've tried it 3 times now.

The first time - the noodles soaked up all the liquid and were mush. Crock pot Crap
The second time - burned the chicken. Crock pot Crap
The third time - the roast was tender, the veggies seasoned and good. Still not "oh my, delicious," but edible.

This final time, however, I began to like my crock pot *gasp* and I realized why wives and mothers use the crock pot habitually.

1. It's made in the morning so that when you get home exhausted with 30 minutes before you have to leave for the next activity, meal preparation is minimal. Some nights it is either a warm meal from the crock pot or a cold sandwich. Take your pick.

2. Crock pot liners. The thought of cleaning the crock pot is enough to deter me away from using it. With these liners, after meal clean-up is literally 5 minutes. For a busy woman, that is key.

So, who cares what it tastes like: It's simple. It's fast. It's easy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the slow cooker liners!!!

I bet your meal was tastier than you thought but I know that when I cook something it does not taste as good to me.

I commend you for trying new things!

Love- Joan

Anonymous said...

You should try the "fix-it and forget-it" cook book. I love it. I also think the size and temp of your pot makes a difference when cooking. I burned "romantic" ribs for my husband, ( boyfriend at the time) and just decided to do candlelight dinner so that we couldn't see the blackness. It was great.
Mrs Young